Rage over people jumping on live whale

Rudi Bowe

People reacted with great disgust yesterday over a video that went viral on social media showing people jumping on a Hump back whale as it lies dying in the shallow water just north of the naval base at Walvis Bay.

Crowds gathered at the site since Wednesday where this Hump back whale stranded between the Independence Beach and the new oil terminal. The whale had an injury which impaired the movement of one of its pectoral fins. Several attempts on Wednesday to pull the whale to deeper water was only temporarily successful as it kept on returning to the shallow water as it new it was nearing the end of its life.
“What is wrong with our people”, dozens of people asked shortly after the video was posted on Namib Times. The fact that the whale was still alive angered social media users and peoples’ conduct were criticised and condemned in the strongest terms.
At the time of going to press yesterday afternoon the Namibia Dolphin Project was awaiting approval from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and also the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to euthanise the whale and to pull the carcass to a location where its decay would not hinder the public.
The Namibian Police was dispatched to the site of the whale stranding yesterday and cordoned off the area in order for the people to stay away from the whale and for either nature or the mercy of man to take

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