Rain played havoc with mines

The surprising rainfall along the central coast this week affected the mining operations of both the Husab and Rössing Uranium mine. Due to safety concerns the operations were stopped temporarily at Husab. While Husab recorded 36 mm of rain, it rained 22.2 mm at the Rössing mine site.
According to Percy McCallum, Vice President: Human Resources and Business Support at Swakop Uranium, which is busy constructing the Husab Uranium Mine, some mining operations were temporarily stopped to ensure safety measures maintained for the employees and equipment. “No workers were sent home,” he said to namib times. According to him a few buildings were slightly damaged due to rain and winds, but these will be fixed. “Water came down the Khan River a bit, but it was not strong,” he continued. Once the rain had stopped and safety inspections were carried out, the operations were started as usual again.
At the Rössing Uranium Mine the haul trucks had to be parked for a part of the day on Tuesday, as the haul roads were slippery and not safe for operations. “As to the rest of the mine normal production continued,” Rössing reported. There was no damage reported due to the rain and the water pools forming in the pit quickly disappeared. According to Rössing the rainfall measured at Arandis was slightly more, being 29.6 mm. Residents of Arandis reported even hail falling.

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