Rape and abduction of two minors shock small Erongo town of Uis

A 34 year-old man is facing charges of rape as well as a count of kidnapping (alternatively abduction) after allegedly sexually molesting one minor and attempting to rape another minor in Uis on Friday evening. Luckily members of the public were able to prevent a second rape.

According to Acting Regional Crime Investigations Co-ordinator for Erongo, Erastus Iikuyu, the suspect, Isaskar Matsuib, initially grabbed the first victim, a seven year old female from the street where she was playing with other kids.
He took her into a nearby riverbed and had sexual intercourse with her. After the incident the suspect ran away.
The police was notified and while members of Nampol were attending the rape scene and searching for the suspect, the same suspect attempted to rape another minor. “The same suspect again grabbed another child, age 8, in the same street. He held her mouth closed and ran towards the river. Luckily members of the public saw him and chased him. They got hold of him, rescued the victim and took the suspect to the police station,” Iikuyu said.
Both victims are learners at Brandberg Primary School in Uis.

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