Reckless driver demolishes two boundary walls

boundary wall acci 2


Owner of car says he was not involved

The owner of the vehicle which was involved in an incident last week when the boundary walls of two houses were partially demolished, says he was not responsible for the damage.

The namib times reported on an incident last week Wednesday when a driver lost control over a car and drove through the walls of the two residences in Walvis Bay.

The owner contacted the newspapeboundary wall accir and announced that the vehicle in question does in fact belong to him, but that he was not involved in the accident at all.

He alleged that he was at the Waterfront with friends and that one of them asked him for the keys of the car so that she can go and fetch her handbag from the vehicle. Only later did he hear that she apparently decided to drive the car and ended up seriously damaging it.


Source: namib times 1-09-15

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