Reckless drivers cause havoc on Walvis streets


Floris Steenkamp

Two property owners suffered damages on Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning in two separate incidents in which reckless drivers made accidents. In the first incident after 23:00 on Wednesday the driver of a white pick-up approached the intersection where Union Street connects into 5th Road at high speed. The driver lost control of the vehicle and drove over the pavement, damaging public infrastructure at the Walvis Bay Adventure Centre. The driver drove off, making him or herself guilty of not only reckless and or negligent driving, but also failing to ascertain whether there were injuries or damage before leaving the scene of the accident.

Residents in the immediate area yesterday morning expressed their deep concern over the traffic safety where Union Street and 5th Road connects in the form of a sharp bend. Two lives have been lost in a crash there some years ago and in no less than three occasions did vehicles crash into the Walvis Bay Adventure Centre, causing damage of several tens of thousands of Namibian Dollar already.
An adjacent house owner also complained of losses he suffered so far when vehicles crashed into his boundary wall.
“We really need the Walvis Bay traffic department to re-assess the situation. We don’t want to act too late when more lives are lost, people injured or our properties destroyed”, said the house owner.
In a second incident early on Thursday morning a vehicle came down 6th Road in the direction of 5th Street. The driver did not realise 6th Road and 5th Street connect as a T-junction.
The driver crashed through the outer perimeter fence of the Botswana Dry Port. At the time of going to press the municipal traffic authority was hot on the heels of the driver of the white pick-up. He faces several charges and will also have to pay for the damages caused to infrastructure.

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