Region 5 Gymnastic Championships

The Namibian Gymnastic Federation is the host of the 2017 Region 5 Gymnastic Championships at the Jan Wilken indoor sport complex in Walvis Bay. The Championships started on Wednesday and will run until tomorrow.

Namibian gymnast will compete for Artistic Men and Woman, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline against South Africa and Zimbabwe, whilst Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia is been represented by their heads of delegates anddue to technical reasons Angola did not send a team.
Councillor Deputy Mayor Penelope Martin on behalf of the Mayor of the Harbour town of Namibia, Honourable Alderman Immanuel Wilfried welcome all the participants to the port of Namibia and trust that you will leave our city with only fond memories and great stories to tell.
Councillor Martins said that she hope that in the future well see a greater representation of the Region 5 countries at the next championships. “Sporting events can be fantastic catalysts in bringing nations to gather”. The Namibian Gymnastic Federation and the Walvis Bay Municipality has over the years cultivated a very good bond and the federation has become a true ambassador for Walvis Bay she said.
The Deputy Mayor in addition said that it is difficult to qualify in the exact number and figures and believe the exposure and publicity is been positive for the coastal town and that the dedication and commitment of the Namibian Gymnastic Federation is been admired and the council humbly request you to continue your worthwhile investment in the youth in Walvis Bay and the whole country.
“As local authority we are pleased to assist where necessary to ensure the success of these types of events, but as a public institution you will appreciate the limitations we are forced to observe. However, without the private sector these kinds of events would not be possible and it is only fitting to acknowledge their huge contribution accordingly” the Deputy Mayor said.
The President of Region 5 Mr Chris Muchatuta said at the opening of the Region 5 Gymnastic Championships that there is a bright future for these Regional championships and for the gymnast in the region. The gymnast, coaches and technical officials of the region is the main goal to spread, develop and grow this wonderful sport of gymnastics in the region.
We as a region stand strong and united and this competition continues to grow and the opportunity to compete at all levels for their countries goes far further than the medal but rather grooms and prepares the gymnast for life after school given them a variety of essential skills and that this competition is an essential stage for the development of our future World champions and indeed the young leaders of tomorrow said Mr Chris Muchatuta.
He also said that to be here is an amazing achievement and that all the gymnast must have fun and that you are all winners.

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