Region 5 Gymnastics 2018

The Gymnastics Federation of Namibia is proud to announce that the following gymnasts and officials were chosen to represent the country as their Federation at the Annual Region 5 Gymnastics Competition in South Africa, Centurion from the 1st to the 4th of November 2018.

Region 5 is a development competition for upcoming gymnasts to give them the opportunity to participate against the other countries in our AUSC Region. The Namibian gymnasts that participated in their different sections were;
Jordan Barrow
Dylan Dreyer
Ruan Brand
Noa Lofty-Eaton
Mieka Clark
Zacheo Jansen van Vuuren
Zander Burger
Leon van Wyk
Marco Jansen
Naude` Krone
Kerneels Labuschagne
Franco Engelbrecht
Faith Nkali
Vesselin Kostin – Coach / Judge
Eliana Burger – Team Manager / Coach
Vaughn Ahrens – Judge
Fanni Duncan – Coach
Peya Kashaka
Joy Lana Kabooy
Miya Oosthuizen
Lia Kufuna
Shayna Schutte
Leonie Botes – Judge
Roumiana Kostin – Team Manager / Judge
Zlatka Todorova – Coach
Arno Brink
Tristan Nel
Jared Ashton Isaacs
Ronald Fourie
James Milne Cindano
Djamel Meziane – Team Manager / Judge
Morihei Anderson – Coach
Maryna Hough – Judge
Megan Jarman
Ueritjiua Tjitemisa
Keasha Tjipuka
Alison Jalon
Amelie Petrick
Gail-lee Feris
Jocelyn Mungunda
Zoe Waldschmidt
Amorencia Campbell
Hannah de Goede
Danelle Dorn-Schnirring
Minette Hough
Dongina Risser – Coach
Juliana Simonfi – Coach / Judge
Petra Thorburn – Team Manager / Judge
Nadine Jaeger – Assistant Team Manager / Coach
The results of the gymnast of the Walvis Bay Gymnastics Club;
Tumbling and Trampoline
Noa Lofty-Eaton and Mieka Clark won a gold medal for synchronised Trampoline and two silver medals for Trampoline and Double-Mini Trampoline respectively in the team section.
Noa Lofty-Eaton gold medal for Tumbling and a bronze medal in both Trampoline and Tumbling
Allison Jalon won silver medal for the Woman’s Pre-Junior Team section
Ronald Fourie won silver medal for the Floor and bronze for Pommel, Rings, High bar and an overall bronze for the Artistic Junior section and a silver medal in the team Namibia section.
Jarred Isaacs won silver for Pommel and was part of Team Namibia that won a silver medal.
Rhythmic medals
Lia Kufuna won bronze medal for Free Dance, Ball, Clubs and silver in the junior team section.
Joy Kabooy won silver medal in the junior team section
Three gymnasts from the Swakopmund Gymnastics Club was part of the Namibian team and all win a silver medal in the Pre Junior and Junior Sections for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.
Team Silver and 5 Bronze, 2 sliver and 1 Gold
Team Silver x 5 and 6 Bronze, 4 sliver and 3 Gold
Team Silver x 3 and 3 Bronze and 2 sliver
Team Silver and 11 Bronze and 2 silver.
Our Teams did extremely well and were awarded numerous Team and Individual Medals at this event. Our great, loving Namibian nature and Team Spirit was evident and we are looking forward to even greater heights next year.

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