Regional Commander callson road users to be vigilant

Erongo Regional Commander, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu, has called on road users to be extra cautious during the Easter Weekend. He also sternly warned criminals intending to come to the coast: “We will not tolerate any criminal activities,” he told namib times. Adding: “We will deal with you accordingly.”

Nelumbu also called n road users to remember to switch their headlights on when travelling long distances to improve visibility. “That is very important,” he said. “Drivers must be cautious and adhere to the traffic rules to save their own lives and those of other road users.”
He added that the police force will “be out there this weekend” to enforce the law. “Everybody travelling towards the coast is welcome, provided they adhere to the law,” he said.
Nelumbu’s cautionary message to road users comes in the wake of yet another traffic accident that took place yesterday in the vicinity of Long Beach on the B2 highway. It is alleged that the driver of a pickup lost control over the vehicle (photo). It crashed through the cable barrier and overturned. Fortunately only minor injuries were reported, reports the West Coast Safety Initiative.

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