Regional Council touching the toes of N$1million in fundraiser for Namibian Newspaper Cup

The Namibian Newspaper Cup tournament is coming to Erongo this Easter from 14-17 April and will be hosted in Swakopmund. This annual event and a permanent fixture on the Namibian Sporting Calendar attracts thousands of visitors from all other 13 regions to the host region.
This will be the second time the newspaper cup is held in Erongo Region the first time was in 2006 in Walvis Bay. In preparations of the tournament, Erongo region hosted a fundraising dinner to sensitize this prestigious event and to solicit stakeholder involvement for the upliftment of its regional citizenry. The fundraising dinner took place at the Dome Conference Centre last week Friday.
During his welcoming remarks at the event, the Governor of Erongo Region called upon the business community of Erongo to make sure that this cup is made memorable. Mutjavikua said the money which is being raised will be used to repair hostels which are dilapidate, namely Haus Romi, Hofmeyr and Huis Namib Hostel, where players will be accommodated and to repair sports fields where the games are going to be hosted. “This event is not only going to be football but it is also an investment because we are going to invest socially in the infrastructure of our school to make sure that the teams are well hosted as well as to make sure that when the schools are re-opened the children will come to a hostel which is repaired” said Mutjavikua. He continued saying that events such as this one attracts business opportunities and more and more events the town of Swakopmund in which the business community can benefit a lot.
The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mr. Bernhardt Esau was also present at this prestigious event and delivered the keynote address. Esau said the people of Erongo region are progressive especially on the economic as well as developmental matters/issues thus making Erongo region a very progressive region. According to Esau the Namibian Newspaper Cup Tournament has become a sports brand of grass-root development, and is held during Easter break annually in the region which successfully bids hosting. This is in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan to improve regional social cohesion and unity; transformation of community through upliftment of the lives amongst youth through sports encouragement. He continued saying “Sports as we all know is a very important sector in our socio-economic development it also keeps you busy and always keep the youth away from the street and hence protect them from harmful behaviour such as crime drug abuse and other mischiefs. The tournament is proof that we can and must continue to work together to achieve our common goals as one Namibia on Nation” he added.
Esau continued saying that the youth need the support of the community, encouragement and motivation. He said as adults they need to rededicate themselves on empowering the youth in all productive aspects of life such as sports, in industry, innovation, leadership etc. The fundraising dinner was a success and the Erongo Regional Council nearly reached the target of N$1 million and got approximately N$853 000 in pledges during the Fundraising dinner on Friday. The exact amount will be confirmed by next week Monday.

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