Register for Elections

Two local organisers of opposition political parties at the coast urged the public this week to come out in their numbers to register for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly Elections, scheduled for 27 November this year.

The supplementary voters registration starts this coming Monday 8 July and ends on Saturday 27 July. It is important to note without being registered as a voter and issued a voter’s card you cannot part-take in the elections.
Namibians are eligible to vote from the age of 18. To register for the upcoming elections you need to prove your age, identity and citizenship. For this purpose you can bring along your Namibian identity card or your old Namibian identity card, a valid Namibian passport or a Namibian citizens certificate accompanied by two sworn statements by two Namibians to prove your citizenship.
Don’t miss this coming Tuesday’s edition of Namib Times (9 July 2019) in which the Namibia Electoral Commission publishes all the venues and operating times of supplementary registration stations throughout Namibia, including the Erongo Region.

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