Renewed criticism of T/Namib after yet another railway crossing accident

There is no respite in the accident rate at Walvis Bay’s notorious railway crossings. On Wednesday afternoon this light delivery truck was rammed by an oncoming train at the Rikumbi Kandanga railway crossing. train leaving the railway station. Eyewitnesses at the scene said that it seemed like the driver thought he could take a chance and would make it across in time, but the result proved different. The pick-up was hit by the train on its side. Emergency services rushed to the scene to tend to injuries. Fortunately, no serious injuries were recorded. The incident caused a temporary traffic delay, as motorists were forced to take alternative routes using 5th Street East and 6th Street.

TransNamib has also been criticised at the scene of the accident for its continued failure to secure railway crossings in Walvis Bay and the lack of a fenced-off railway reserve. Although there are warning lights and road signs at the railway crossings, it is dilapidated and dirty. People urged the railway authority to re-instate a boom-system and for the entire railway line to be fenced-off for the general safety of pedestrians.

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