Residents team up in silent protest and demand no bail for Strzelecki murderers

Residents of Swakopmund are up in arms about the recent brutal murder of the elderly Strzelecki couple at their home in the suburb of Vineta. They pledged to take part in a silent protest on 26 September, at the Swakopmund magistrate court when the couple’s alleged murderers make a next court appearance.
They wish to place public emphasis on the rising crime wave in the coastal towns, often costing peoples’ lives.
The organiser of the initiative “A Peaceful Swakopmund For All” is an initiative by Swakopmund resident Clinton Lang. “I am angry. I am a very upset resident,” he said to namib times.
With the protest, he wishes to see that the three suspects in the Strzelecki case are denied bail and for the police investigation to secure a conviction of. More importantly though, he wants to see a social reform.
“The Strzelecki case is the tip of the iceberg. There have been so many heinous crimes and after the recent brutal murder I thought that we need to stand together and do something as a community,” he says.
He started the group “A Peaceful Swakopmund For All”, calling on residents to join him on 26 September in front of the magistrate court in a silent protest. “We want to show that we are angry about the wave of violent crimes that has hit our town and our region,” he continued.
After he made his idea of a silent protest public, more than 80 people confirmed their future attendance at court within the first few hours. Lang chose the above-mentioned date as it marks the second court appearance of the couple’s alleged murderers, Daniel Stephanus Nghilifa (26), Jerobeam Simon Shidute (23) and Fabianus Lazarus (24).
While Lang hopes the three suspects are not granted bail, he encourages the attendees to stand in silence for all those who have been murdered in our town and region and hope that justice is served, quickly and swiftly. “It’s not just about this case. It doesn’t matter where these crimes take place. We want to create awareness and I hope to work towards a social reform, to make a change,” he said. Adding: “Where are we heading if we do not address these issues?”
Lang invites every Swakopmund resident to be part of the protest on 26 September and make their voice heard.
The attack on Siegfried Paul Helmuth (82) and his wife Sieglinde Roswitha Strzelecki (79) took place on Wednesday, 2 August between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning. Two suspects initially ente-red the house and brutally attacked Roswitha Strzelecki resulting in her death. They then assaulted and threatened her husband with knives and demanded money. They stole a cellphone, sandals and N$1 000 in cash before fleeing the scene.
The main suspect Nghilifa was arrested shortly after the incident while he was allegedly trying to flee from town. The police arrested Shidute in the early morning hours the next day. All stolen properties were recovered and serve as evidence in court.
Siegfried Strzelecki was hospitalized with his injuries and died days later in a frail care centre, presumably of his injuries.
The Strzelecki family is well known at the coast. Only three months before the brutal attack and couple’s deaths, on 23 April, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

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