Restaurant boat for Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay’s first floating restaurant, a specially built boat with a capacity to seat 100 people, is due to set sail from a South African shipyard over the weekend. This restaurant vessel is expected to dock in Walvis Bay by 1 October, and is certainly a historic moment for the local tourism and hospitality industry.

The boat is scheduled to sail from St. Helena Bay on the South African west coast on a seven-day passage to Walvis Bay. When contacted for comment, the project manager Mr Dean Theisinger confirmed the vessel’s imminent arrival in Walvis Bay. He explained the vessel has a fully fitted restaurant, kitchen and storage facilities and will be operating from the Walvis Bay waterfront.
Lunch will be served daily at anchorage. Each late afternoon the vessel will depart on a dinner cruise to Pelican Point, in time for patrons to watch the sun set over the lagoon and returning when the port’s lights come on. Dinner is guaranteed to be a four course, world class experience.
The vessel’s name is Cynthia and can also be booked for weddings and other functions.

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