Restaurant boat to be auctioned

An auction by the Deputy Sheriff of Walvis Bay, of the restaurant boat Cynthia at the town’s waterfront, was called off on Wednesday morning after no sufficient interest was received for the auction to proceed.

The restaurant boat arrived in Walvis Bay in September 2016. It was the dream of the well-known restauranteur Andreas Munkelwitz and his wife Cynthia. Munkelwitz was a celebrated chef and for many years owned and operated the Hotel Deutsches Haus at Swakopmund before selling it off and pursuing the dream of a restaurant boat.
The business unfortunately never grew to be profitable and Mr. Munkelwitz also became terminally ill. He took his life in August 2017, leading to the business’s closure within months.
It was understood that Standard Bank of Namibia, the principal creditor is also willing to listen to alternatives, should individuals or a business come forward with a proposal. Another attempt to sell the boat on auction is also planned in the near future.

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