Retrenchments at Walvis Bay Salt

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings confirmed this week the intended restructuring of certain its business units. This restructuring may result in retrenchment of a number of staff at its hopper feed function, bagging plant and loading operations in the port of Walvis Bay. Approximately 25 employees may be affected.

“It is not easy to make decisions where people’s livelihoods are affected. However, the reality is businesses everywhere are looking at increased efficiencies to stay afloat and competitive during the challenging global business environment. Walvis Bay Salt is no exception and the company must remain agile by constantly looking at efficiencies” explained the managing director of Walvis Bay Salt, Andre Snyman.
Snyman emphasised that “although the broader company is not in financial distress, certain processes and operating units within the business had been identified that required adjustments. These relate specifically to operational inefficiencies, and business units that were not performing to required standard. Management has an obligation to care for the long-term wellbeing of the business – this is in the interest of all stakeholders, including employees and shareholders. The markets we operate in are volatile by nature and these challenges led to the decision to adapt operations to these changing conditions.”

Walvis Bay Salt mentioned the company will do its utmost best to lessen the impact on the affected employees. “But it will require genuine and meaningful engagement from both management and the employees representatives to bring the process to a amicable conclusion”, concluded Snyman.

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