Riverside Private School visits SPCA as part of orientation program

Sharlien Tjambari

The grade 8 class of Riverside Private School visited the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) to help with the cleaning of the kennels and help with the beautification of their garden as part of their orientation program on Wednesday this week.

The Principal of Riverside Private School, Mr Ernest Olivier said, “we want to orientate the learners on their responsibilities in life and in the community”. Olivier finds it important children see the importance of animals. The school’s Chess Coach, Mr Imannuel Gariserb said, “today the learners are doing every-thing they volunteered for. They clean cages, brush and play with the dogs and cats, and clean the garden. Where the SPCA needs help, we are going to be here to help.” Gariseb said the main idea behind the visit is to motivate people within the community to start helping on an ongoing basis.
The grade 8 class of Riverside Private School consists of 10 learners and only 8 were able to go on the field visit to the SPCA on this day. Namib Times noticed the excitement of the learners, the dog lovers played with the dogs and cat lovers played with the cats. The learners said it was an amazing experience. Cecilia Mathews, a Grade 8 pupil said her experience at the SPCA was very good, “don’t come with fancy clothes because you will get dirty if you have to help out here”.
Mathews further said, “to be honest I am not that happy with the fact that all of these dogs do not have homes, I wish I could adopt all of them, unfortunately I can’t. I love the experience and I love the fact that my school brought me here because I have never been here before”.
Another learner, Chikayla Routenbach, said she finds pleasure in petting the animals and to the kennels of the animals.
Tierschutzverein Swakopmund SPCA is a non-profit organisation and a home for abandoned, abused and homeless animals.

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