Road projects progress

Money the determining factor for more phases

Sharlien Tjambari

Despite challenges, like cost and the fact that water is not readily available at all points for road construction, the massive roads infrastructure projects at the coast and greater Erongo remains on track and is for the good of the country’s future.

The Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa gave these assurances earlier this week during site inspections at the various road work projects currently in full swing between Walvis Bay and Henties Bay, and the prospect that road construction will in the years to come link the port of Walvis Bay with a black top road up to the Angolan border. Several stretches of these roads are already tarred roads and once the current projects conclude the black top road will stretch up to Kamanjab in the Kunene Region. The road between Kamanjab and Ruacana is already a black top surface road.
Also, part of the delegation that carried out the inspection was the Roads Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi, who during a media briefing after the site visits explained the Swakopmund-Henties Bay road project, which is now in its first phase, will link Swakopmund and Uis via Henties Bay with an upgraded black top road. The next phase would be the upgrade of the road to blacktop standard from Uis to Kamanjab in the Kunene Region. The total length of road targeted by this project is 402km. The stretch of road targeted by the project between Swakopmund and Uis is 186km long. Phase A is Swakopmund-Henties Bay and is constructed by an Aurecon/Bicon Joint Venture. The contractor for Section A is Roads Contractor Company (RCC).
Phase B (Henties Bay to Uis’s contractor has not been appointed yet.
For the Uis to Kamanjab via Khorixas road (two construction phases) consul-tants have been appointed. Road contractors have not yet been appointed.
“The design for the whole road (from Swakopmund to Kamanjab) has been completed. The construction of the three sections will only commence when funds become available”, further explained Lutombi.
Road construction already commenced in January 2016. The completion of the existing construction projects currently in progress are expected to be completed by October 2020.
Commenting on this project, the Governor of Erongo Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua said: “This road will help us a lot when we move our goods. Erongo is an economic hub and this road will ease road congestion. We are very happy that there is good progress in the road construction”. The roads will link the Trans Kalahari-, Trans Kunene- and Trans Zambezi transport corridors.
The Swakopmund – Walvis Bay road project is also in its first phase of con-struction and is to become a dual carriageway freeway. “The freeway will improve road safety and promote economic development. The project con-tributes to NDP-5, Desired Outcome 6, of developing Namibia as a logistics hub for the SADC region. The project is also included in Harambee Prosperity Plan”, adds Lutombi.
Phase one starts from TR 2/2 up to Farm 58. According to Lutombi, the phase comprises of the construction of 30km dual carriageway freeway, including two interchange bridges (on MR52 and TR 2/2) and two bridges over the Swakop River. The consultant for this project is VKE Namibia and the Con-tractor is UNIK and Thohi, a Namibian owned company. These two contractors have entered into a Joint Venture. The project is upgrading the road to Freeway Standards also known as Dual Carriageway. Also funded by the Namibian Government, this project is expected to be complete by 31 March 2020.
Phase one of this project has also reached a 60% completion where 24.1 KM of surface road on the southern bound carriageway had been opened to traffic. A total of 312 workers are working on the project.
On the picture: Contractors of the Swakopmund –Walvis Road explain to the Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa, the Governor of Erongo Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua and the rest of the delegation, on progress with the projects and at the Interchange 1 Bridge: The Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa, The Deputy Minister of National Planning Commission Piet Jacobus Van der Walt, Governor of Erongo Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua and the Chief Executive Officer of Roads Authority Conrad Lutombi.

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