Road rage suspect a serial offender

The taxi driver that allegedly recently endangered the lives of other road users in Walvis Bay in an extreme incident of road rage towards a female driver who honked at him for ignoring a stop sign and almost crashing into her vehicle, is in a whole lot of trouble.

After a front page report on Tuesday’s edition of namib times describing the whole road rage incident that occurred on 30 June this year, the taxi driver reported himself to the municipal traffic authority after learning from the report the female driver reported him and that the traffic department is looking for him for questioning.
Very soon after his arrival at the traffic department to set matters straight, things turned for the worse when traffic officials established he does not have a valid driving license, has no authority to operate a taxi and has outstanding warrants for his arrest for other traffic violations. Moreover, members of the public recognised the taxi in a picture on the newspaper’s front page and forwarded photographs of this particular taxi endangering the lives of road users on the B2 coastal road in recent days.
The man was taken to the Walvis Bay police station where he was locked up and where more charges followed for reckless and negligent driving after chasing the bewildered female driver through several streets in Walvis Bay and secondly for assault by threat by pulling his finger across his throat in a gesture indicating he would kill or harm her physically.
The man is expected to make a first appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court today.
∙Since the article appeared on the front page of Tuesday’s edition of the namib times, two more female drivers reported similar incidents to the newspaper of taxi drivers committing traffic offenses and then reacting with intimidating and aggressive behaviour if their disregard for the law is pointed out.

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