Robbery charges for two who targeted tourists at the lagoon

Floris Steenkamp

Two people arrested last Monday after targeting two tourists at a public toilet at the Walvis Bay lagoon were charged last week with robbery, alternatively possession of suspected stolen goods.
Stefanus Angula and Tobias Iyambo (ages not indicated) were arrested less than three minutes after they robbed a tourist couple and then sped off in a vehicle.
A traffic official spot-ted the speeding vehicle seconds after he heard of the robbery on the two way radio in his patrol car. He gave chase and after pulling the vehicle off arrested the driver. The other passengers jumped out of the vehicle and ran away. One could be apprehended.
The duo was denied bail and the matter was postponed to 22 November.
It brings the total to five, thugs who were arrested and prosecuted for robbery and theft, targeting tourists in Walvis Bay. The five are all serving compulsory prison sentences ranging from six to ten months.
The Walvis Bay magistrates court was also accommodative in all the incidents where the tourists were robbed, by allowing victims to testify immediately to allow them to continue on their holiday journeys through the country, as opposed to be delayed for weeks or even having to return to Namibia at a later stage to testify.

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