Rössmund donates towards Save the Rhino Trust

Sharlien Tjambari

Despite the extremely difficult economic situation Namibia is currently experiencing a whipping N$ 79 617.90 was raised for Save the Rhino Trust by Rössmund Golf Club on Wednesday 28 November at the Rössmund Golf Course in Swakopmund.

The fundraising events for Save the Rhino Trust comprised of two events of which the first was a, Executive Breakfast for Business Women held on Thursday, 15 November and a 26 Golf Teams battled it out on the golf course on Friday, 16 November.
The Breakfast was a huge success as Dr Jeff Muntifering the Scientific Advisor from Save the Rhino Trust, delivered a presentation on Rhino Con-servation in Namibia and their successes. Mrs. South Africa, Nicole Capper delivered a motivational speech and said with the allegory of the Rhino as the basis for her inspiration “Difficult, and sometimes seemingly impossible challenges that women or mothers are confronted with in life, are only there to make them stronger”.
During the Executive Breakfast, a silent auction was organized to add to the funds raised. Special gratitude was expressed to the Artists who made their art pieces available for the auction (Karin de Kock, Margo Bassingthwaighte, Glenda Gerhardt, June Owen-Smith, Louise von Wielligh, Heidi Louw, Yvonne Edwards, Coral van der Plas, Margaret Courtney-Clarke, Rosa Smit, Rellyn Detlof-Wismer, Carola Lorke, Sharon Flewellyn, Helga Engling, Mariette Haslek, Betsie van Rensburg, Irene Strydom and Stella Hoon).
The second event, the ever so popular golf competition, only attracted 26 teams this year (instead of the ideally 36 teams). It was a “shotgun start” at 10h00 and the teams completed their 18 holes around 16h00. With the new course rating system and handicap calculations that came in operation on 1 November this year, only moderate scores were carded this year. Fortunately, all teams won a prize. Adding to the festive vibes of the day, Johan Kok made a HOLE IN ONE on the 12th hole and obviously had to “ring the bell”, much to the delight of the other 77 players, who cheerfully enjoyed the bar round.
The prizes for the golf competition were sponsored byNamibia Breweries, Hotel Plaza, Swakopmund Service Station (ENGEN), Rössmund Golf Cour-se, Stainless Engineering, Puma Chemicals, GerritViviers, Absolute Perfect Water, Lynne van der Walt, Coastal Office National and Corporate Guarantee.
Commenting on the donation, Hannelie Turner, Public Relations & Fund-raising Manager of the Save the Rhino Trust of Namibia said: “It is absolutely amazing, often all our donations come from overseas partners and companies and in the end Rhino poaching is a Namibian problem so we are very touched especially when it is tough times that Namibian organizations are willing to support our work because it is our heritage and it is a local heritage as well, so because of that it is just amazing”.
Turner further said that Rössmund Golf club is the biggest supporter locally, in Swakopmund. According to her, the Trust’s biggest expenses go towards the men in the field. The Trust has Rhino rangers that physically patrol the North West area of Namibia and that have been their success.
“These rangers go out and they are physically on foot for 21 days at a time and then they are back home for seven days, then they start all over, so we need to have money for uniforms, we need to take water and food to them, that is our biggest expense and that is what we will use these funds for” she added.
Turner also said the major challenge they face is patrolling in communal area where there are no fences and it is complete open areas so there is no control of who comes in and out. “It is a harsh environment to work in”.

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