Rossmund Golf Course bring smiles to young faces

On the 13th of June 10, youngsters aged between 14 and 17 years of age visited the Rossmund Golf Course. Theresa Rhode who is a volunteer from Germany working in this DRC School Project is the person who initiated this day for the kids with the help of Marlon Swarts, a golf player and teacher at Rossmund Golf Course.

The assistant Manager Jens Detmold showed them around the golf course. Afterwards Likius Nande and Marlon Swarts taught the 10 kids how to kick the golf ball and showed them the right techniques how to hold the club.
“We also want to thank Dr. Gerd Cloete, the manager of Rossmund Golf Course, who allowed our kids to come with the transport that was organised by Jens Detmold the assistant manager. He picked the ten kids and me up from the DRC Community Centre and brought us to the golf course. At the end we organised a small competition with two teams” Theresa said. According to Theresa, some of the kids were quite talented and they were invited to come back to the weekly training from Likius Nande and Marlon Swarts.

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