Rossmund Golf Estate Home Owners Association representative in racially-tainted confrontation with plot owner who refuses to abide to estate rules

A Walvis Bay businessman who was allegedly subjected to racially-tainted abuse by a representative of the Rossmund Golf Estate Home Owners Association (RGEHOA) last week, as he was refusing to use builders approved by the Association and instead said he uses his own equipment and team of builders, blasted the municipality of Swakopmund for the debacle. He says the Swakopmund Municipality submits to an ”exclusive few” at the so called Golf Estate.

Businessman Eddie van Wyk in a strong worded response to the namib times said the incident left him humiliated, but said he is not the only person to be bullied by the home owners association which he too is of opinion is no golf estate, but an ordinary suburb of Swakopmund that happens to be situated next to a golf course.
He referred to an article in namib times last week where the Swakopmund municipal council gave permission for unapproved structures at Rossmund to be demolished.
Van Wyk is quoted: “I wish to refer to the article in the namib times of 28 February 2017 under the heading “Council gives permission to have unapproved structures at Rossmund demolished” and specifically to the part of this statement which reads: “without the Rossmund Golf Estate Home Owners Association’s certification no building plans can be approved”.
How on earth, and why did it happen that the Swakopmund Town Council abdicated their jurisdiction and power to approve building plans in favour of a committee, which according to recent reports, is an illegal entity?
Why can’t council fulfil its mandate to serve the people, which includes the approval of building plans. Now council is being dictated to by a few ‘exclusive people’ (as one of their leaders describes themselves).
In the times we are living, there is no space for ‘exclusivity’. In any case, nothing at Rossmund is ‘exclusive’ with hundreds of homes looking alike. One is exclusive, one hundred are common.
Come on council, you can’t be bound by ‘agreements’ reminiscent of the old dispensation. Challenge these clauses/favours or scrap them indiscriminately.
Those who want others to think like them, look like them, speak like them; must go to Orania in South Africa”.

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