Rough & Tough Rally makes a trial run

Floris Steenkamp

There could possibly only be one thing better than competing in the annual Rough & Tough Rally and that is scouting the next year’s course. Participants in the 2018 Rough & Tough Rally and prospective participants in the 2019 Rough & Tough Rally took their vehicles on a fun run over the weekend to test their skills, gear and vehicles and to have a foretaste of what would be expected of them next year.
The trial run started at Walvis Bay on Saturday. The terrain included destinations like Vogelfeder mountain, Thomas View, Gemsbokwater and Blutkoppie.
“This is just a trial run and we really look for-ward to the 2019 Rough & Tough Rally”, said Phillipie Baard, one of the organisers. The Rough & Tough Rally is not only about fun, but it is a major platform to raise funds annually in aid of the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN).
If you have a vehicle model 1990 and older, and it is in the price range of N$35 000, then you are Rough & Tough Rally material. Get in contact with the organisers for next year May’s event. Contact Mr. Phillipie Baard at 081 146 5177.

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