Royal Chess-Minds Academy Individual Champion 2016

Anthony van der Meer retained his title as the Royal Chess-Minds Academy Individual Champion for 2016 from a very unlucky Violandro Klukowski who was leading the competition going into the last round.

The tournament was hosted last weekend at the Namib Primary School and played over 7 rounds. Violandro, a grade 5 learner from Swakopmund Excellence School only needed a draw against Maurizio January to clinch the title.
However Maurizio didn’t want to hand his classmate the title without a real fight. The game came to a rather unexpected and quick end to the disbelieve of both players after Maurizio checkmated Violandro’s King in a beautiful set-up known as Smothered Mate in chess theory after Violandro misplayed his knight and over-looked the ensuing combination.
Anthony has been to Greece, Siberia Russia and Pretoria amongst other places to represent Namibia at International junior championships and has developed into a force within the junior ranks.
In second place was Xavier Hartman from PSS and Maurizio in third. In the girls section, Maxime Hermann took first place followed by Justine van der Meer and Milla Koepp in third.
Royal Chess-Minds Academy is the largest chess academy in Namibia and enjoyed a particularly successful year with many of its learners drafted into the national junior team which represented Namibia abroad. It’s a school based academy and provides chess coaching to hundreds of children in several schools on a weekly basis. Since 2014, it ventured in giving chess classes to children that wanted to specialised a bit more in chess and grow that interest into a fully-fledged weekly class on every Saturday by 2016.
Children take to chess for different reasons, but the Saturday class was created largely to help those that wanted to specialise in chess, but also to offer an outlet for students whose schools have no chess program.
In 2016, the academy enrolled students from 6 schools in Swakopmund and 5 schools in Walvis Bay for the Saturday class. The founder of the Academy and Namibian Champion Charles Eichab said that chess is a wonderful activity for children as they gain important cognitive and creative skills in a fun and playful manner.
Coach Imz who is the resident trainer at the coast invites all prospective students for 2017 to email to for registration forms.

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