Rubbish and shacks springing up among newly-built low cost houses a big concern

Eileen van der Schyff

Residents of Kuisebmond and also greater Walvis Bay expressed concerns over the weekend over rubbish pollution and the general tidiness of the suburb. Complaints varied from specifically wind-borne rubbish pollution, people using open areas to defecate and the latest negative trend of shacks springing up in the areas where new low cost houses were constructed and handed over their new owners.

Driving the beach area between the naval base and the bird island uncovers an eyesore of unimaginable proportions. Plastic bags and other wind-born rubbish are blown by the prevailing winds into the sea and the rubbish washes ashore again. In addition there has also been a serious escalation in the amounts of rubbish washing ashore in the area originating from vessels at anchor in the bay.
“The situation is worsening. That part of the shoreline is drowning in rubbish and it is definitely far worse than last year”, complained a resident who drives on that stretch of shoreline regularly.
In Kuisebmond, trash containers are frequently overflowing, resulting in the wind blowing trash in the direction of the ocean. Not only does that lead to pollution of the ocean and the beaches, but residents who want to live in a clean environment struggle with endless frustrations.
A very cumbersome situation that adds to their frustrations are people who for a wide variety of reasons choose to relieve themselves in the open. The wind blows the used toilet-tissue into the suburb and the stench is also unbearable in public places people illegally use to urinate.
With regard to the shacks, many residents who benefited from the low cost housing scheme say they are not happy with the fact that people, despite a ban on it, are still erecting shacks again.
“We are proud to be home owners. We all do our best to keep our premises neat and tidy, yet shacks are springing up again. Can’t our local authority act now before it is too late again? Asked a concerned resident in the area.
Some members of the public frequenting the B2 coastal road also reported shacks among the low cost houses that sprung up in the recent weeks.
Residents also complain of dumping. Many people dump their household waste close to the sea and also next to the B2 coastal road and on the outskirts of Narraville close to the B2. The wind then blows the garbage onto areas of Kuisebmond close to the B2 leading to frustrated residents.

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