Rubinstein Chess Academy officially launched

Rubinstein Chess Academy’s grand opening took place at Cramer Café- FNB Head Office-Independence Avenue, Windhoek on 8 April this year. Different fun filled and interactive activities were lined up for the day, including a few chess exhibitions, information sharing on the wide benefits of chess, free chess lessons and some entertainment for the general public.
Rubinstein Chess Academy offers a chess experience at different levels and with selective teaching methods for all ages. Our primary focus is to use chess as a social sport and tool to stimulate the vast benefits of a healthy and active mind within our communities.
Apart from teaching chess to everyday Namibians, we also cater for the hearing impaired, senior citizens and children with special needs, offering a Corporate or Private membership for special requests. This special request includes at home and office based lessons at the convenience of the member. Corporates may also request team building sessions that use chess as the primary functional tool. We guarantee an improvement in academic performance for school going members, work concentration and strategic improvements for the working class.
We signed up close to 50 new members at the launch and registration for new membership is still open to all people from the age of 3 years to 100 years. Lessons will start on the 22nd April 2017 at Concordia High School.
For more information and membership registration, kindly contact Rubinstein Chess Academy on 0813705880/0814006467, you can also send us an mail at

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