Rugby season kicks off

Rudi Bowe

The 2019 Rugby season will kick off tomorrow at the coast with all the coastal teams in action in Narraville and Swakopmund.

The games that were scheduled for Narraville stadium this weekend, 30 March 2019, will be moved to Jan Wilken Stadium.

The coastal teams are Kudus 1 Premier League, Kudus 2 Reserve League, ERA, Dolphins, Vikings and Sparta. They will battle it out in the 1st division for a place in the final.
In Narraville at the House of Pain the first and second teams of Kudus will host the first and second teams from UNAM while in Swakopmund, Erongo Rugby Academy (ERA) will host Dolphins from Swakopmund and the 2018 champions Vikings will host Sparta from Walvis Bay.
The 2018 season was a satisfactory season for the first team of Kudus. The “Blue Machine” as the team is known is a team to be feared. Up until the end of last season the Kudus was still in contention for a place in the playoff rounds before United’s backward attempt hit the harbour team to a halt. Although there were only a few players left, there were a lot of new faces and a semi-final battle in their vision for 2019. It is expected that the team will show more consistency this year and they will be a team to be noticed.
They lost matches where they were the favourites and won games where nobody gave them a chance. On the attack, the Blue Machine was devastating. They had the ability to keep the score-board going, but at times surrendered too much. If they can strike the balance between attack and defense it will be hard to stop the “Blue Machine”. Regular 1st team players from 2018 such as Luke Jansen and Ngumee still injured and with Ivo Croza and Aurelio Plato who only attended one or two training sessions a blood thirsty Kudus team will be ready tomorrow for UNAM students. The teams were not available at the time of going to press, but if the exercises are not indicative, Calacca, Tannies, Deriou, Wardo, Codey, Joshwin, Vossie and Cosmos will be the pack to start against Unam. Ulriato is back in time to be added to first team and Cameron Stevens may well make his first appearance in the Premier League.
The rest of the back-line may well be completed by Murf, Chippie, Lloyd, Donsie, Percy, Keeane, Rayton and Vernon.
Last season was a good season for the Kudus as they finished 2nd on the log standing in their division and only lost in the semi-final. The team seems to have worn their form of last season, measured 2 weeks ago as they convincingly beat the Dolphin 36-0 in a friendly game.
The “House of Pain” as the team’s home ground is known is always a big challenge for any team and Kudus 2 will be a hard nut to beat. The team has a well-oiled back-line. The combination between the front and back was sometimes not very effective either. Kudus 2 will have to sort it out with their poisonous back-lines. If the Kudus 2 can continue building on 2018 and play the same type of Rugby they can be a force to be reckoned with and with a little luck and the jumping of the ball they can go beyond the semi-final.
With experienced men such as Boetie, Wikkie, Damants and Ashwin should give Unam a hard time on the field.
After successful discussion over 3 years between the Kudus and ERA it was decided to make the best for both clubs and do what is best for the players, and as from this year Era will be playing under the banner of Kudus Rugby Club.
ERA participates in a tough section and played good rugby at times with their flawed stallion who kept them on the back foot of the 2018 season. With the team playing this year under the auspices of Kudus, much more is expected for this year. With the merger there is optimism in the ERA camp and it is expected that ERA, unlike 2018 ERA will be a tough nut to beat in 2019. ERA lost many home games in 2018, which should not happen and it is something that needs to be rectified immediately. ERA has always been a difficult team to break into on their home field and will have to use it to their advantage. To finishing in the top half of the league they will have to pick up points at the “House of Pain”.
Over the years, their poisonous back-line was their strong point and they were known to play offensive rugby. However, the team will have to try to dominate as the other teams do not fear the ERA pack. It’s hard to tell if ERA will be good enough this year to end up in the top half of their division but with their potential it is not impossible.
The Walvis Bay Rugby Club merged with the well know Sparta United Recreation Club in Walvis Bay and will be known as the Sparta Rugby Club.

Therefore a new chapter for the beloved Walvis Bay Recreational Club is about to be unveiled as their Rugby players are about to make history as they will be the first in a chapter of a brand new legacy, when they make the short trip to Swakopmund to play their first ever league game as Sparta Rugby Club against the Vikings, the current champions of first division league.
This is a new chapter in the club and for all the players coaching staff and management that will start their legacy as champions and end it as champions. The game Vikings versus Sparta will start at 15:00 at the SFC sport field in Swakopmund. The match between ERA/Kudus 3 against Dolphins promises plenty of action and will start at 17:00. The first match between Kudus 2 and UNAM 2 will kick off at 13:00 and the match between Kudus 1 and UNAM 1 will kick off at 15:00 all the games will be at the House of Pain in Narraville. Kudus Rugby Club invites the community to come and support their team. Windhoek next week both the first and second teams will travel to Windhoek to play against the Wanderers. The entrance fee for the games are N$20 per Adult, N$10 per pupil and N$10 per car.

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