Rugby team from S.A puts weight behind dolphin rescue

A school’s rugby team from South Africa, participating at the Desert Sport Festival in Walvis Bay, has a very unique memory to take home with them.

The team of Heidelberg Volkskool thought on Wednesday it was going to be an ordinary day, practicing and preparing for the upcoming Desert Sport Festival rugby matches. Instead they were interrupted to go and assist the Namibia Dolphin Project with the rescue of two dolphins which got stuck in the low tide in the Walvis Bay lagoon.
Thanks to the efforts of these boys, and the efforts of other volunteers too, the two dolphins were saved and they are roaming the ocean of Walvis Bay again.
It is believed a tour guide and his group of tourists who were driving towards the salt pans spotted the distressed dolphins. The tourists were on their way to undertake a kayaking excursion near Pelican Point, but when they realised the dolphins needed assistance they decided instead to stop and assist saving the dolphins.
The Namibia Dolphin Project was notified. In an instant assistance arrived. Dolphin Project has the necessary equipment to rescue stranded dolphins and with the assistance of the rugby team and other volunteers it was mission accomplished.

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