“Rumours that SPCA will relocate are false”

namib times 24-07-15

After rumors surfaced that the erven of the Walvis Bay SPCA  are in a process of being sold/will be sold by the Municipality and that the SPCA will relocate, namib times established that it is incorrect.

The Kennelmaster of the SPCA, Mrs Bernice Grobler, has told the newspaper that she is unaware of any rumors that the erven will be/are sold.

“We are not aware of the erven being sold. We do not pay rent, but pay for the water and electricity every month,” she said.

Another member of the SPCA confirmed to the newspaper that “it is absolutely absurd that the erven will be sold and also untrue that the SPCA will be reloca-


The Public Relations Officer of the Municipality, Mr Kevin Adams said, “the Municipality is not selling the erven.

The erven belong to the Municipality and the SPCA is making use of it,” he said.


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