Rural constituency elects

The National Youth Council of Namibia and the Erongo regional forum embarked on a restructuring mission when they recently hosted elections for new members of the Walvis Bay Youth Forum in both the urban and rural constituencies.Stanley

The Youth Forum was established eight years ago and is being restructured every four years when an election takes place to choose new members who will assist the youth in constituencies.
According to the newly elected Chairman of the Walvis Bay rural constituency youth forum Stainly !Aibeb, the acting Erongo Regional youth chairman Akser Mwafangenyo, youth leader Mr Ernst Weather as well as officials from the regional councils and different church leaders where observing the election process.
The youth leaders’ elections for rural and urban were facilitated by Mr Gerard Bravo Tjinotjiwa from the electoral commission of Namibia (ECN).
“The duties of the chosen members of the youth forums are to carry out all youth development programmes of the National Youth Council (NYC) in their respective constituencies.
They should also be actively involved in youth development programs in their towns, be part of developmental dialogue with town councils and to come
up with projects in their own town by requesting financial assistant to national youth councils” !Aibeb explained.
Some of the chosen members were Stainly !Aibeb who was chosen as Chairman, Andreas Shelikita as deputy chairperson, Marlyn Gases and Sharon Uises.

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