Ryan Gordon sworn in as Councillor

Rudi Bowe 

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) representative, Mr Ryan Gordon was sworn in as Town Councillor of Walvis Bay on Tuesday evening.

Councillor Gordon hails from Narraville and is also known as a founding member of the Narraville Community Against Crime (NCAC).
He replaces the late LPM Town Councillor Stanley Bikeur who died last month. Cllr. Gordon was also elected to serve as alternate member on the Town Council’s Management Committee.
In his maiden speech, Cllr. Gordon avoided making promises he said “he cannot fulfil individually”.
“I accepted this position to work with others to restore the dignity of the people of Walvis Bay. I cannot make a difference alone, but with the community, we can do it.”
Cllr. Gordon thanked the community, his family as well as friends in other towns in the country for putting their trust in him.”
“We can make a change, please feel free to talk to me so we can see where we can start”, he is quoted.
Adding Rome was not built in a day, but we have to start somewhere. “We don’t want to talk about change. We want to make that change. Let us take hands and move in the right direction.
Mayor Trevino Forbes welcomed Cllr. Gordon and said that Council is excited to have him on board. The Mayor wished him a fruitful and productive tenure in Council.
Mayor Forbes highlighted the oath Councillors take serves as a reminder to put the needs of the residents of Walvis Bay above their own.
Forbes said: “The road will not be smooth. There will be differences of opinion, but the most import aspect to remember is that it is our core responsibility to ensure that each decision taken by Council benefits our community and does not impact our Municipality negatively.”

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