Samaritans change the plight of the poor hous-by-house, meal-by-meal

The day a taxi pulled up at the shack of Magrietha Salon in Swakopmund’s DRC settlement, little did she know that a positive change was about to come for her, her twelve children and three grandchildren.

Salon’s shack was an oven during hot sunny days. At night shivering cold. The fog and occasional rain left their little belongings damp.
The only source of income is for the children to go out by day to beg for food and money at nearby shops.
It was during one of those days the children were begging at Woermann Brock in Vineta that their paths crossed with Swakopmund resident Johan Kruger. Kruger is friends with a group of people calling themselves Jesus Christ Glory. The group constantly explores for opportunities to help other people.
Kruger purchased food for the children and also provided money for them to return home by taxi.
“A few days later the same taxi pulled up at our home”, recalls Salon (46). Kruger emerged from the taxi and he stopped by to inquire about the conditions they were living under. He was appalled by what he saw”, according to Salon.
Very soon afterwards people arrived at Salon’s shack and the transformation process started. It was Kruger with people of Jesus Christ Glory. Very soon the shack was replaced by a four-room cement-fibre panel house. Kruger organised the work party and the German charity organisation Pallium provided material assistance. Apart from the house, the family also got much needed necessities like matrasses and blankets.
Salon’s story is testimony that no matter how dire any situation is. If people come together change can happen. Change does not necessarily have to be measured in the number of lives you touch at a time, or how big the change is you want to bring about.
Salon too over the years have tried to feed other children in her com-munity, despite the fact that she and her children and grandchildren not always had enough to eat. She was the blessing in those children’s lives and now blessings were upon her.
Kruger explained he in the meantime started a project by the name of “Restoring Dignity”. That was about two months ago. With the assistance of a few fellow-Christians, they provide the less fortunate with food vouchers.
The project also works with the homeless.
According to Kruger, the vouchers also help buying cleaning materials, sanitary- and other personal care items.
“My aim is to focus and help as many needy people as possible. We have to counter the food shortage problem”.

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