Savagely beaten victim still unable to speak about ordeal

The person who was recently assaulted and left for dead in the desert in the vicinity of DRC close to the Henties Bay road has been identified. Oscar Impala Goreseb (47) is recovering in the Katutura State Hospital in Windhoek to where he was transferred, but is still unable to speak and identify his attacker/s.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, the unconscious Goreseb was found in the desert on the morning of Monday (18 September).
The victim’s girlfriend alleges the last time she saw Goreseb was two days prior to the incident.
Goreseb told her he was going out to a party at Toatite Bar in Mondesa, where he also helps cleaning from time to time.
When Goreseb was found two days later, he was described as being severely traumatised and unable to speak. He was savagely beaten and sustained possible internal bleeding, broken ribs and bruises all over his body.
He is thought to have been exposed to extreme desert conditions for hours, as he was also suffering from severe hypothermia.
According to Iikuyu, the victim is in a critical condition and is still unable to communicate.
He was transferred to the Katutura State Hospital for further medical treatment. So far, no suspect has been arrested. The Police is requesting public assistance in this regard, to identify the suspect/s who assaulted the victim.

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