Save the Rhino Trust pockets N$100 000 through charity poker

namib times 19 June 2015


A charity poker tournament in Hamburg, Germany, was the platform through which Save the Rhino Trust received a donation of N$100 000, yesterday.

Christoph Thesen


The Good Samaritan who donated the money is Mr Christoph Thesen, who was born and raised in Swakopmund and who is now a successful artist and businessman in Germany. According to his press release, he is often invited to “product placing media events”, and charity events. During May this year he was invited as a VIP to take part in a charity poker event, hosted by an internet company called “”.



Christoph managed to win the tournament with a price token of N$100 000, which he donated to Save the Rhino Trust. Having heard about the recent horrific poaching of rhinos in Namibia, he spontaneously decided to support the efforts to save the Namibian rhinos and noted that he will undoubtedly continue with future support to the Trust. The CEO of Save the Rhino Trust, Mr Simson Uri-Khob received the welcome donation from Christoph’s father, Mr Werner Thesen.

DSC06836 rhino


Uri-Khob expressed the Trust’s thanks and appreciation towards Mr Thesen and noted that this donation comes at a time where all funds are critically needed in their current situation. He also expressed concern, regarding the poaching crisis, currently threatening the rhino population in the Kunene Region. “Organised crime syndicates have started to target rhinos with military precision, and we must adapt and intensify our efforts in the face of this threat,” he remarked.

The Trust lost a rhino at the hands of poachers recently and five suspects were apprehended. This was the first rhino lost in almost six months. The Save the Rhino Trust expressed its pride over the collaborative response of the Save the Rhino Trust, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, NAMPOL and the Protected Resource Unit in apprehending the poachers.
 A special team was deployed after the carcass of the 13-year-old rhino was found on Sunday, to look for and then keep an eye on the slayed rhino’s 2-year-old calf.

“For this rhino we failed in our goal of protecting her from poachers.  However the co-ordinated efforts of SRT, MET, NAMPOL and our partners were tested successfully. We believe that this arrest and our swift action will help to deter further poaching.”

Uri-Khob says they have a strong case against the suspects and he hopes the court will find them guilty and impose heavy sentences.


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