Scammers pretending to own mining businesses

Scammers pretending to own mining businesses are trying to scam suppliers of heavy equipment out of hundreds of thousands. The way these scammers work looks like normal business to the unsuspecting client. Suppliers who know how mines operate however, can smell a rat from far away.

This was the case recently with a local supplier, when he was contacted through email by a person under the name of Johan pretending to represent Trekkopje Uranium Mine, requesting a quotation of a heavy-duty pump and an under-ground rock drill. His reason was their previous supplier could not stick to his commitment. The unsuspecting supplier finished the quotation and sent it back. Within a few days the supplier was contacted by the scammer, saying the quotation looks good and asked how fast the equipment will take to be delivered.
Not long after, the supplier received an order requesting to have the equipment delivered on 11 May 2021. It was here that the supplier who is up to standard with mining procedures started to feel uneasy. “Usually before an order is sent out, you first have to register as a vendor with a number”, the supplier told the Namib Times. The procurement department of Orano Mining was contacted and it was confirmed there is no tenders out and they know of nothing.
After speaking to Orano mine the supplier contacted the scammer and told him to stop with what he is busy with. After this, communication went quiet.

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