Floris Steenkamp

Swapo Clr. Samson Nghilumbwa, the chairperson of the management committee of the Walvis Bay town council, is probed for an alleged irregular spending of N$83 000 on a credit card the municipality entrusted to him. The ACC confirmed probing the matter and Nghiumbwa allegedly already started to pay back the money.

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia confirmed in a national news report this week that Walvis Bay town Councillor and Chairperson of Council’s management committee, Samson Nghilumbwa is probed for alleged irregular spending on a municipal credit card amounting to an astronomic N$83 000-00.
A whistle blower in the municipality explained the Mayor of Walvis Bay Alderman Immanuel Wilfried and Clr Nghilumbwa are both issued municipal credit cards.
When officials in the finance department first detected anomalies, they had a look at spending patterns on both credit cards and found Clr Wilfried’s credit card spending to be within the allowed limits and he accounted for all spending. Receipts that are submitted regularly.
“We had a look at both credit cards. The May-or uses his credit card for what it is intended for. He accounts for every cent spent and he only spent money on his credit card when hosting guests of the municipality.
The whistle blower who contacted namib times early last week said the situation with regard to Clr Nghilumbwa’s credit card spending was shocking, scandalous and something has to be done as a matter of urgency. The whistle blower indicated that printouts of all spending were obtained and it was handed to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).
In a news report in a national newspaper, the ACC was quoted that indeed an investigation is now ongoing against Clr Nghilumbwa’s conduct. Nghilumbwa is serving on the town council on a Swapo ticket.
The said newspaper quotes Nghilumbwa allegedly admitting he is repaying the municipality and already made payments in this regard.
However, it was learnt yesterday, this might not be enough. Should any irregularities be detected the ACC will formally investigate the matter and recommend whether Clr Nghilumbwa will be held criminally liable.
The spending include withdrawals in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Windhoek, some at ATM’s at casino outlets. Money on the credit card was allegedly also used to buy alcohol.


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