Schneider-Waterberg free on bail – again

Emily Schneider-Waterberg, the well-known former estate agent of Swakopmund who saw her bail cancelled as a result of an outstanding warrant of arrest for failing to attend court appearances on charges of assault and malicious damage to property, has been freed on bail once more.

After her bail was revoked the week before last week, Schneider-Waterberg again applied for bail last week. After her legal representative undertook to take responsibility for her to attend future hearings and the criminal trial, she was again released on bail.
Soon after her release on Friday Schneider-Waterberg wasted little time in criticising certain aspects upon which namib times reported on the issue. Among others Schneider-Waterberg explained she is not an estate agent anymore and now resides in Windhoek, and not Swakopmund anymore.
Schneider-Waterberg in her writing also described the magistrate court’s ear-lier decision to have her bail revoked, after she missed several court appearances since June 2014, as an “injustice” and added: “the court’s injustice is being dealt with currently”.
A copy of Schneider-Waterberg’s letter has been forwarded to the magistrate’s court for comment.

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