School Board appreciates staff

The School Board Members of De Duine Secondary School recently showed their appreciation to the teachers and institutional workers of the school.

The most fundamental psychological need is to be appreciated. We all want to feel fully appreciated for what we do.
Donavan Paulse, a School Board member of De Duine Secondary School said at the event “Today is about saying thank you, a word that we are being taught since our toddler years”.
Paulse added that before you can show your appreciation to someone something needs to be done. “Today marks a day of being proud of yourself and look at the amount of lives that you have influenced, the hearts that you touched and the believes of the future of the Namibian child. You as teachers are responsible for changing a Nation and for that we need to appreciate all the teachers” Paulse added.
“There are not a lot of people that appreciate the work teachers are doing and teachers feel that they are not appreciated enough, but events like this makes us think again. Small things make a big difference in lives. If a teacher taught 40 children in grade 8 for five years he or she touched the hearts of a 1000 children, for 10 years 2000 children, 15 years 3000 children, 20 years 4000 children, 25 years 5000 children, 30 years 6000 children and 35 years 7000 children”, Paulse explained.
The Principal of De Duine Secondary School, Mr Anthony Van Wyk said, “When we decided to become teachers, we made a choice to take care of and educate others”.
Van Wyk added that the professional identities of teachers are always under attack with new challenges, policies and social responsibilities in the education environment and the demands from the communities become more difficult. Teachers then forget the point of being a teacher and the caring nature that they should have. “Sometimes we as teachers neglect the main reason of our existence at schools and that we work with children” Van Wyk said.
Van Wyk thanks the De Duine School Board for making the teachers of De Duine feel like teachers again”. The payoff for inspiring teachers is that people do more for those who appreciate them. Although people widely recognise the need for appreciation, it tends to be a blind spot. Teachers generally believe that they are much more appreciative of people than people think they are. Therefore, people do more for those who appreciate them.
God has entrusted all teachers with an enormous task to touch and influence the lives of people, to make or break them and be accountable for their decisions and to be true to themselves. Teachers need to be sure what they, invest in as they will bear the fruit.
The awards were given to:
5+ Year Awards
Mr R Gamiseb Richo-nald
Ms A Kaoses Asanda
Ms S Mutondoka Saara
Ms M Maswahu Mary
Mr S Nembenge Samuel
Mr J Sakarias Jesayas
Mr V Louw Victor
Ms C Visagie Caroline
Ms Hans Johanna
Mr Matthews Quinton
10+ Year Awards
Mr Amutenya Petrus
Ms Forbes Aletta
Mr Moody Samuel
Ms Nambahu Liina
Mr Neporo Johannes
15+ Year Awards
Mr Koning Godfrey
Ms Amunyela Ruth
Mr Mutuanga Salatiel
Mr Kamati Antonius
20+ Year Awards
Ms Koning Yolande
25+ Year Awards
Mr Groenewaldt Dawid
30+ Year Awards
Mr Van Wyk John
Mr Oliver Christopher
Ms Van Wyk Eunice
Ms Jacobs Charlene
Ms Titus Dorothea (retired)

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