Scientific Society turns 50

Sharlien Tjambari

The Swakopmund Scientific Society celebrated its 50th anniversary on Friday, 2 November at the Swakopmund Museum. The Scientific Society was founded in 1951.
The celebration is indeed a milestone for the Scientific Society Swakopmund that governs the Swakopmund Museum, the Sam Cohen Library and Archive, the historical buildings Otavi Railway Station and OMEG House as well as the open-air Museum.
While delivering her speech at the celebration on Friday, the Mayor of Swakopmund Pauline Nashilundo said: “I am aware that the Scientific Society Swakopmund is driven by your passion to preserve and pro-mote the heritage of our beautiful country and serves as a platform to share historic and current scientific information, data and material, through public lectures, excursions, information distribution and publications such as the regular journal “Berichte / Reports”. Our Heritage is a legacy from our past and should be preserved for posterity in order for the next generation to appreciate our historical past”. The evening was filled with great laughter, good food and refreshments, and a lot of talks about the history of the Scientific Society.
In attendance were the Swakopmund Constituency Councillor, Honourable Juuso Kambueshe, Chairman of the Scientific Society of Swakopmund: Theo Schoeman, Prof Dr W Speitkamp, Board members of the Scientific Society Swakopmund.

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