SDFN agreement to ease housing woes

Isaac Chikosi

The Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) together with Namibia Action Housing Group have joined forces with Swakopmund Municipality to commit to a constructive and collaborative partnership.

The purpose of the partnership is to develop and implement a comprehensive and sustainable process aimed at scaling up the community driven land and shelter development processes envisaged by the Municipality of Swakopmund for low income residents” according to minutes of the recent council agenda.
Because Swakopmund has about 10,000 households in informal settlements, the agreement signed last month will see the partners commit to securing sustainable land and shelter allocation. This will involve fast tracking the delivery of affordable land, services and shelter to organised low-income community groups in Swakopmund. Furthermore, the partnership seeks to ensure a trans-parent and simplified system of access to land and the process of application.
In recognising the importance of the achievement of the Sustain-able Development Goals the memorandum of understanding between SDFN and Council will serve as a network of saving groups from informal settlements including homeless people affiliated to the Shack Dwellers International network and Namibia Housing Action Group. Increasing secure tenure, basic services, and decent shelter for low-income communities in Swakopmund is essential.

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