Seafo annual meeting brings drastic decisions

The South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO) held its annual meeting on 30 October until 3 November 2015. The meeting was based on the best available scientific information. The commission adopted the recommendations made by the Scientific Committee to set TAC’s for Patagonian tooth fish and deep-sea red crab.
The Commission adopted a conservation measure dealing with bottom fishing activities and vulnerable marine ecosystems in the SEAFO convention area.
The newly agreed measure consolidates existing measures aimed at protecting areas which contain concentrations of coral, sponge and sea pens.
It aims to strengthen SEAFO’s response to UNGA Res. 61/105 and further serves to pro-tect the benthos from significant adverse im-pacts caused by fishing.
As a result of the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen survey conducted in the SEAFO Convention Area in 2015, the Commission agreed to close an addi-tional area of approximately 195km2 adjacent to the Valdivia Bank seamount.
The closure will be effective for all gears except pots and long lines.
Following several years of exploratory fishing and based on a recommendation from the scientific committee, the Commission has agreed to extend the current “existing bottom fishing area,” in sub-area D to long line fishing.
The “SEAFO System” was improved to accom-modate the mandatory reporting of logbook data by vessels to the Executive Secretary.
To further facilitate the global fight against IUU and to be consistent with other similar fisheries bodies, SEAFO agreed to include the vessel IMO number in all reports relating to vessel identification.
Moreover, the IMO number remains unchanged and therefore can be used to track the vessel during its lifetime.
The SEAFO IUU vessel list was adopted by the Commission. The Commission agreed on guidelines for a second Performance Review of the commission in 2016.

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