Second desalination plant inevitable

The Omdel and Kuiseb water aquifers are facing depletion and a second desalination plant is needed. This was one of the key messages yesterday by the Governor of Erongo Clr Cleophas Mutjavikua during his State of the Region Address (SORA) yesterday in Swakopmund. Hundreds of attendees, amongst other politicians, business people and the wider citizenry attended.

Clr Mutjavikua spoke in broad spectrum about various challenges the region faces. The water situation he classified water as among the most important and said a second desalination plant is key if water supply is to keep up with the growth of the region’s industrial and mining output and growth in population.
“Erongo needs another desalination plant. The region has been experiencing serious water challenges for the past few years,” Clr. Mutjavikua explained. The recent drought added to the burden, the same as what was experienced across Namibia.
“Erongo was not untouched. When we are going through drought the regional leadership is forced to come up with mitigating measures”, the Governor said.
“The Omdel and Kuiseb aquifers are going through a huge challenge”. In addressing delegates, the Governor continued by saying the Erongo Water Forum is in the process of acquiring the current AREVA desalination plant.
“We want to build another desalination plant to make sure the region has sufficient water supply”. In this regard, he also explained Swakopmund was forced to reduce water usage when Swakop Uranium’s Husab Mine came online.
“The Office of the Governor established the Erongo Water Forum with the aim to ensure that the region does not run dry”. Clr. Mutjavikua added that during the recent drought period water tanks had to be installed at different villages in the Erongo Region to assist the residents with availability of potable drinking water. He continued saying that water was supplied to farmers in corridors during the draught period to ensure survival of their livestock.
As is tradition now with SORA, the Governor also shared information on the various other challenges his office face with regard to resettlement, human capital development, electricity infrastructure development. He balanced his message with information on various investment projects in the region.

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