Security guard assaulted for daring to inquire over his salary in arrears

Fillemon Haufiku (35) a security guard at ASST Security Company since July 2016 was brutally assaulted by his supervisor on Wednesday after a fight occurred during a meeting which was called by the manager/boss of ASST and the manager of Safari Projects.

According to Haufiku ASST have not paid him his salary since December 2016 and the reason the Manager always gives him is that Safari Projects have not paid ASST and that is the reason why he (Fillemon) is not paid and they say they (ASST) do not have money to pay him. Fillemon works everyday 18:00-06:00. Fillemon however does not know whether the other guy who guards the place during the day is also having the same problem or not.
Even though Fillemon was not paid at the end of December and January, he says he continued working because ASST Security Company has a no work no pay policy and he was afraid if he miss work he will not receive his salary.
“Since I started, the company would sometimes pay me half of my salary and promise to pay up the rest but they never bring their end of the deal” said Haufiku. On Monday, 13 March, Haufiku received a phone call from his boss, a certain Mr. Koch, who he said is his boss, instructing Haufiku to meet him at Safari Projects at 14:00 on Wednesday, the call further said the reason for the meeting was to go and get money from the Owner of Safari Projects. Haufiku was apparently excited to hear the great news and when Wednesday came he made sure to be there on time. Upon arrival he noticed that his supervisor was also present, together with the manager of ASST Security and the owner of Safari Projects. They allegedly went into the office in which a quarrel transpired between the two bosses and the supervisor because the manager of Safari Projects was not happy with ASST services and with the supervisor because he told the supervisor to tell the guards to start from 17:00-06:00 instead of six-six, and that was the reason he apparently didn’t pay the security company. It was upon that time that the supervisor turned to Haufiku and started accusing him of arson because someone apparently tried burning his shack over the weekend and Haufiku asked him how it could have been him because he was at a church function all weekend. “I also asked him why he have not been to the police if he thought it was me. To that he got very defensive and told me not to backchat him and threatened to kill me even in front of the bosses, he started kicking me and hitting me with fists. He pushed me against the wall and to the floor and had his feet at my neck and said he will kill me if I do not say it was me who tried burning his shack, it was only then that the manager of the security company demanded him to leave me alone” said Haufiku.
They allegedly left Haufiku on the floor while bleeding and continued discussing their issues. He was apparently on the floor bleeding from mouth and nose for close to an hour until he regained his strength and came to his senses which was at 16:00. According to him he asked them to at least drop him at the hospital and then to the police station for him to open a case and to that they threatened him that if he opens a case then the supervisor will also go open a case of arson. They eventually took him to the police station where he wanted to give his statement but was told that they cannot attend to him while he was bleeding and was given a form to take along to the hospital in order for him to get treated.
He received medical treatment and was told to go back to the hospital for a checkup after 7 day because his left ear was affected and he cannot hear well.
“Yesterday I asked about my salary again and the manager via text message said ‘I have to go back to that boss and he must work out our money. I have nothing yet’, I am still waiting to see if they will pay me what they owe me or not and I have decided not to go back to work fol-lowing the incident that took place” adds the sad and disappointed Haufiku.
namib times got hold of the Manager of ASST Protection Security to find out what really let to the assault on Haufiku, because Haufiku claim that the manager was also in the room during the time the supervisor attacked him, the Manager who identified him-self as Koch said he does not want to comment on such things. “If you say it was a story of assault then the right person to talk to would be the police, I will not be interrogated by a newspaper” Koch added. He however did not deny not knowing Haufiku or whatsoever. namib times also got hold of the Owner of Safari Projects but he denied ever having a security guard guarding his premises and said all this years he have been guarded by G4S only and is not aware of such a company.
A case number CR31-/03/2017 was re-corded at Swakopmund Police Station.
Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, police regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo yesterday confirmed that a case was reported and said the suspect who was identified as Gerson Seibeb apparently beat Haufiku because Haufiku apparently send him a text message saying he will burn his house. Seibeb was supposed to appear in court yesterday (Thursday).

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