Security guard who was assaulted now jobless and needs to undergo surgery

Fillemon Haufiku, a security guard who was assaulted by his supervisor, Gerson Seibeb recently is now jobless and has to undergo surgery. He believes he suffers from a torn eardrum and the assault left him with broken teeth.

Haufiku was allegedly assaulted for daring to inquire over his salary which was not paid for two months. He was employed at ASST Security Company for close to eight months.
His salary was not paid, because the company where Haufiku was carrying out guard duties, Safari Projects, has allegedly not settled their security bill with ASST. As a result, ASST could not honour its salary payments to Haufiku.
According to Haufiku on the day of the assault, he was called by his boss to meet him at Safari Projects. They were to go and ask the owner of Safari Pro-jects about the outstanding monies.
After a long discussion between the boss of ASST Security Services, Seibeb, and the owner of Safari Projects matters took a turn for the worst. Seibeb allegedly suddenly just turned around and started accusing Haufiku of arson.
He claimed Haufiku was the one who tried to burn down his shack and other threats over the salary which was owed to him.
Seibeb allegedly started beating and kicking Haufiku and demanded he should admit to trying to burn down his shack. Haufiku refused as he is innocent. Haufiku explained he was attending church functions the whole weekend.
The police regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo, Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, this week confirmed that Haufiku was not the one who tried burning down Seibeb’s shack.
Haufiku has up to now not been paid his salaries in arrears. He was asked to vacate the place he lived as he was in arrears with his rent.
Haufiku also quit his job and says he is now tired of always having to beg his boss for his salary.
Haufiku further said he is waiting for his turn for surgery in Windhoek. In the meantime, it was confirmed Seibeb pleaded guilty on a charge of assault in the Swakopmund magistrates court and was fined N$1000.

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