Security while shopping

No holiday is complete without regular outings to the shop-ping mall or a day in town. Unfortunately criminals too like to frequent these spots, but not to shop. They are watching out for any possible opportunity to steal. 

When visiting malls at the coast or going to town, it is advisable to do the following to prevent criminals from spoiling your holiday:
∙Travel light. Try not to take a hand-bag with all your valuables along. Take valuables without which you can still manage and rather lock it away at home.
∙Never leave your handbag or purse in the trolley, even if it is totally obscured by goods.
∙Never let your handbag, wallet or purse out of your sight.
Simply turning around to take an item from the shop shelf can create a moment for a thief to steal a handbag, purse or wallet.
∙Always be aware of people around you. Pickpockets and bag snatchers always choose busy spots with many people around you to take a chance.
∙Hold your bag tightly and close to your body. Always carry your handbag in a manner that protects it from being snatched easily.

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