Seibeb’s suspected killers behing bars

The Namibian Police arrested two young men who are believed to have stabbed Heardly Sondag Seibeb (25) to death with a knife in Mondesa last Wednesday.

Allois Gurirab, also known as Figo (20), was arrested on Monday in Mondesa and his alleged accomplice, Isaskar Uiseb also known as Easy (21), was arrested on Tuesday morning at the Okombahe Resettlement area in Okombahe.
A NamPol spokesperson confirmed the arrests and explained Uiseb was recently released on bail on a stock theft case at Omaruru.
Seibeb was stabbed to death on Wednesday evening between 22:00 and 23:00 at Hanganeni suburb. The deceased and his two friends (one of them a security officer) were allegedly on their way to a friend’s shack.
When they arrived at the shack, which is next to Hanganeni School, they found two suspects consuming alcohol next to the friend’s shack. They confronted the suspects who responded by attacking Seibeb and his companions by throwing them with stones. In the course of the altercation Seibeb sustained two stab wounds and collapsed and died shortly thereafter.

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