Seidler does it for the sixth time

Rudi Bowe

The Pupkewitz Jetty Mile hosted by OTB Sport that started at the Tiger Reef and continues past the Jetty to end at the Swakopmund Mole saw about 250 swimmers of all ages participated.

The 20-year-old Philip Seidler from Swakopmund emerges as the winner in the nautical mile swim for the sixth consecutive year as he arrived first at the Mole in a record time of 19 minutes and 8 seconds to smash his own record by 50 seconds.
The first woman to cross the line was Heleni Stergiadis and made it a deserving hat trick in the ever-popular swim in a time of 23 minutes and 49 seconds.
Seidler who is preparing for the ten-kilometre FINA OWS world championships in South Korea later this year said after the race that he is very happy that it is faster than last year and that this was a perfect opportunity to polish his sprinting ability as it is a crucial component of every marathon swim.

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