Seidler king of the Jetty Mile

Rudi Bowe

The 22-year-old Phillip Seidler from Swakopmund won the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile for the eighth year in a row on 27 December 2020. Amica de Jager won the women’s race for the second consecutive year.

A total of 143 swimmers completed the 14th edition of the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile. The jetty mile started at Tiger Reef past the jetty towards the Mole, where the finish line was situated. Despite hitting a sand bank at the beginning of the race and injuring his shoulder it took Seidler only 20 minutes and 10 seconds to complete the nautical sea mile swim (1.85km) swim and short beach run to the finish line, while the South African, Amica de Jager won in a time of in 22 minutes and 27 seconds.
Seidler was rushed to hospital afterwards and is now recovering from torn muscles and a light concussion.
Jetty Mile organiser Yvonne Brinkmann of OTB Sport, said that in order to adhere to health precautions, we had a decent number of participants. Due to Covid-19 regulations, we divided it into four separate events and in different camps consisting of a male, female, the sprint and the kiddies’ race.
Brinkmann added that due to COVID-19 pandemic there was also no prize giving held after the event, in order to avoid a large crowd. The respective winners collect their prizes on Monday between 10:00 and 13:00 at’s OTB Sport shop in Swakopmund.

The 1.92km open-water race started at 15:30 at Tiger Reef. Participants swam past the jetty towards The Mole, where the finish line was situated.
The top three men and women in 2020 Pupkewitz Jetty Mile are:
Men: 1.Phillip Seidler – 20:10, 2.Nico Esslinger – 22:57, 3.Mikah Burger – 23:16
Women: 1.Amica de Jager – 22:27, 2.Heleni Stergiadis – 23:47, 3.Tiana Esslinger – 25:56
The top ten results of the 2020 Pupkewitz Jetty Mile:
MEN: 1 Phillip Seidler 20 minutes 10 seconds (elite), 2 Nico Esslinger 22:57 (u/16), 3 Mikah Burger 23:16 (u/16), 4 Maximilian Betts 23:54 (elite), 5 Oliver Ohm 24:03 (u/16), 6 Arkell Wellmann 25:46 (elite), 7 Christoph de Jager 25:53 (u/16), 8 Corné le Roux 25:55 (elite), 9 Tyrone Kotze 26:03 (veterans), 10 Peter Brinkmann 26:10 (veterans)
WOMEN: 1 Amica de Jager 22:27 (RSA, elite), 2 Heleni Stergiadis 23:47 (elite), 3 Tiana Esslinger 25:56 (elite), 4 Molly Smalley 26:26 (elite), 5 Ilona Sickel 28:18 (veterans), 6 Maja Brinkmann 28:22 (u/16), 7 Maya Stange 28:27 (u/16), 8 Carissa Esslinger 29:09 (elite), 9 Hannah Murphy 29:17 (elite), 10 Nicole Redecker 29:24 (u/16).

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