Selling live pangolin to police officer

An Omaruru man made two big mis-takes recently – firstly trying to sell a live pangolin to an undercover policeman and then resisting arrest en-ding up being shot and wounded by the officer. The pangolin is valued at N$50 000.

The incident occurred at Omaruru at a place known as the Omaruru-Uis hitch hiking spot.
The man, identified as 34-years-old Ben-jamin Unanisa Kambombo had the live pangolin for sale.
A sting operation was set up by the Police. An undercover policeman “bought” the pangolin from Kambombo, but when he [Kambombo] realised he is in the police’s trap net first assaulted the officers and then ran away.
They caught up with him and he then star-ted hurling stones at the officers.
Several warning shots rang from their service weapons and there was no option other than to shoot Kambombo, wounding him in the left foot.
Kambombo had an accomplice, Sloren Mukondi (51), who was also arrested.
The duo made a first appearance before the magistrate at Omaruru and one cannot help to think of the saying “shooting yourself in the foot” when considering this incident.

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