Semi-purified water restored by tomorrow

Consumers of semi-purified effluent water in Walvis Bay hope that supply would normalise at the latest by tomorrow (20 March) after the municipality completed the cleaning of the purified effluent reservoirs and commissioning of a new effluent pump station which forms part of the current upgrade project of the sewer treatment plant.

The old pump station has now been decommissioned and a new connection line was also completed that leads between the tower-overflow line and the new pump station.
In a recent statement the municipality of Walvis Bay said the supply of semi-purified effluent was disrupted since March 14 when the completed part of the upgrade project was handed over to the Liquid Waste Section. Then followed the cleaning of the effluent reservoirs and the commissioning of the new pumps.
Semi-purified effluent is used in Walvis Bay to water parks and other public gardens, sport fields and many residents have semi-purified effluent connections as a paid municipal service for their gardens.

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